Frequently Asked Questions

I can`t find my Movie / TV Show.

The Movie or TV Show that your looking for is not uploaded? . Please Search for the content your looking for and press ADD. Your request will show up in a list, and we will try to upload all of them as soon as possible.

I can`t click play / i can`t start the video ?

This is a very common problem for people that use Adblock. Make sure that your Adblock is not causing the embed video problems. This happens because Hosting Websites like Openload, use a layer of ads that is above the player. If that layer is blocked by your Adblock then you won`t be able to press play or interact with the video. We can`t really help much with this only to suggest turning Adblock off. Just close the ads and enjoy your video!

What Movies / TV Show i can request?

We strongly recommend requesting popular Movies or TV Shows. If it`s relatively new , we won`t have any problems finding videos for it. If you request movies from 1800, you can be more then sure we can`t find anything for it. Just try to be reasonable. We will do our best in finding them. If we fail finding any videos for them, we can`t really do more then that.

Video was Removed or it`s not working at all.

This happens a lot! Videos are removed and they need to be re-uploaded over and over again. There is nothing to worry about, just make sure you click β€œReport” Button on the player and tell us what`s the problem, we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Patience is highly appreciated.

The video keeps buffering or is not loading. What should it do?

We don`t have any control over the video embeds. We don`t store the video locally, all of them are hosted on some other video hosting service like β€œOpenload”. If the video keeps buffering you may have a slow internet connection speed, or the servers where the video is hosted are overloaded.

Why do you use ADS, popups?

You can`t maintain or manage a website without any income. I personally don`t like popup ads but these are the only way OpenloadFreeTV.me can survive. Ads are used to give all of you β€œFREE” access to all the content.

Are Ads Safe?

Yes. All popups are safe and you don`t need worry about them. I strongly suggest IGNORING THEM, Just close them as soon as they popup. Each person has a limit on how many popups can see in a 24h span. When the limit is reached, 90% of popups will be gone. This is because some of the popups are not from our website, they are from the Video hosting Embeds.
We DON`T use Paid Surveys
We DON`T use BitCoin Miners
We DON`T use Content Lockers
We DON`T use Credit card payments

Embed player now loading. What should i do?

If no embed player is loading this indicates that there is no video for it uploaded. All content is added on demand. We can`t afford uploading thousands of episodes that are old, or nobody watches them. If you really need those episodes or Movies, please contact us and we might add them for you. Contact

Why should i keep using WatchTVepisodes.me ?

We know we are not the best, biggest , fastest that there is. But we do something that others never think about. It`s listening to there users and there needs. If each and everyone of you is happy and has something to watch, we are happy. Keep in mind we are not robots we do the best we can to make sure everything is as good as possible! Thank you for visiting us! We hope you stay!