Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch videos here?  Click play on the blue openload button !

Is it free? Everything here is free and never ask for money !

Why the TVShows is not complete ?! We apologize for this, but this site is based only on what’s new!

Videos don’t work!  You need disabling Adblock , if it does not work, you can try different browser !

Video stops often, and says “buffering” or “loading” or something similar: Most of these videos are hosted on servers in other countries, which are located on crappy connections, so they will lag for people in certain countries. We suggest you let the movie load, press pause, and let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, and then you can start watching it.

What is this profanity tolerance? We believe in free speech, and we think one should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want (to a point), but then there are people who would prefer not seeing the most extreme cases of that expression. This is why we have profanity tolerance, which is essentially a profanity/troll filter which will hide posts that contain swearing, or that are made by people who were voted as trolls by other users. if you want to increase your tolerance level, you can do it on your settings page.

Why does the video often stop and say “Buffering” or “Loading”? The speed depends on many things such as connections. We suggest you let the episodeload, press pause, let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, then you can start watching it.